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My name is David Thanphilom and I’m a Front-End Web Developer. I enjoy learning the newest web technologies to help solve problems for my employers and clients. Problems such as creating a custom WordPress theme or converting a website into a responsive website. These challenges drives me to be better in web development to help my employers and clients with there problems to generate more revenue, increased web visibility, and promote better usability. Read More


My services are to help clients with their website goals. With goals that have been clearly defined we can build on a better user experience. With a successful user experience you will find that your audience will return to your website again and again because they feel confident in you and your company. Read More





How to Wireframe your Home Page

Mar 12, 2015 |

In this tutorial we will be making a home page wireframe for our example project of Raise the Bar Fitness website. The home page should be your one stop shop for your users. It should have the most important information Read More