Golden Steel Athletic Association Website Redesign

Jan 19, 2014 |

Golden Steel Athletic Association is Chinese Martial Arts school and they practice the style of 8 Animals 8 Methods taught by Sifu Shawn Miller. Golden Steel offers the traditional teachings of southern Chinese martial arts which include: traditional forms, classical Read More

Improv Comedy Mumbai Website Redesign

Nov 9, 2013 |

For my Web130 class I have been working on a redesign for the Improv Comedy Mumbai website. Improv Comedy Mumbai is a group of professionally trained improvisers and performers that provide quality entertainment to both people in India and as Read More

Fall Quarter Classes

Sep 26, 2013 |

Summer has come to an end and I’m back in school once again. I’m happy to say that for the fall quarter at Seattle Central I will be taking two classes. Web114 which is a Photoshop class for the web Read More

Protosite | Web210 Class Project

Aug 12, 2013 |

Summer quarter is coming to an end and we are on our final week of class. Our work on the CREOi website is looking great and mostly finished. During our last week we will be finishing up any bugs that Read More

Visual Designs | Web210 Class Project

Jul 20, 2013 |

This is an update on our progress on our team project for CREOi (Conservation, Research and Education Opportunities International ). We have finished both the Information Architectural and Wireframes for the website.  The next phase is the visual designs and Read More