How to Redesign Your Website

Feb 18, 2015 |

There are many reasons to why you may want to redesign your website but the bottom line is that you are not happy with your current website. In these tutorials I will help you develop a process to redesign your website.

For these tutorials we will be redesigning a website that offers private personal training in the San Francisco area called Raise The Bar Fitness. As we progress in our redesign process I will have links to download assets so you could follow along and practice.

Tutorials table of contents

So let’s get started.

About David Thanphilom

David Thanphilom

David Thanphilom is a front-end developer and has received his Web Design Certification from Seattle Colleges. His passion drives him to be better at web development to help his employers and clients with their web problems such as generating more revenue, increasing web visibility, and promoting better usability. For information please see my Services or Contact Me for your next project needs.