Web Development Process

By knowing the web development process we can save considerable amount of time and money through carefully planned multi-phased projects.


The Discovery phase is when we gather information on your target audience, define site objectives, and clarify the scope of your project. We accomplish this by interviewing you with the Client Survey and analyzing your industry to determine your business goals.

What is a Client Survey?

A client survey is a series of questions that will help us identify what your business goals are and how we can achieve them. To get started please Contact Me.

Information Architecture

The Information Architecture phase is when we determine how to organize your information gathered during the discovery phase so that your site visitors can find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

What is an Information Architecture?

A Information Architecture is a structural design similar to a website sitemap which is displayed by creating an information flowchart diagram.

User Interface Design

The User Interface Design phase is when we create the content layout of your website by prototyping wireframes to show hierarchy of information through a rough navigation, text layout, and any other key elements that need to appear on a page. With a successful User Interface it makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable to use your website.

What are Wireframes?

Wireframes are page schematic that represents the framework of your website. There main focus is in functionality, behavior, and priority of content. Therefore wireframes usually don’t have any graphics, images, color, and or typography to give you any kind of feeling of what your website will look like. That part comes next in the Visual Design phase.

Visual Design

The Visual Design phase is when we design the look and feel of your website through the use of color palettes, typography, and strong imagery. A successful design not only serves your user’s needs but also follows your site objectives of ensuring your website messages reaches your target audience while improving your branding identity.

Production & Development

The Production & Development phase is when we build your website using the best coding practices based upon the World Wide Web Consortium. During this phase we also conduct quality assurance testing to fix bugs and test code for fluidity. Web usability and accessibility will be implemented to ensure that your website is easy to use and accessible to all users.