Golden Steel Athletic Association


Golden Steel Athletic Association


Front End Web Developer

The Client

Golden Steel Athletic Association is a martial arts school that specializes in teaching the neo-classical style of Baat Ying Baat Faat (8 animal 8 methods) kung-fu. Baat Ying Baat Faat is based on various styles of Northern and Southern Chinese Martial Arts.

The Problem

Golden Steel Athletic Association needed a website to reach new students, cater to their current students, and make updates to the martial arts community.

The Solution

I built a responsive WordPress website and organized the information architecture to increase navigational usability. I also analyzed the site content to improve SEO and content structure while catering the copy of the website to target new students and current students.

This website includes:

  • Home page slideshow
  • Post category functionality
  • Web responsiveness
  • Featured image post thumbnails

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About David Thanphilom

David Thanphilom

David Thanphilom is a front-end developer and has received his Web Design Certification from Seattle Colleges. His passion drives him to be better at web development to help his employers and clients with their web problems such as generating more revenue, increasing web visibility, and promoting better usability. For information please see my Services or Contact Me for your next project needs.