Visual Designer/ Front End Web Developer

The Client

CREOi is a non-profit grant making organization that supports research and outreach efforts that promote wildlife, habitat and natural resource conservation.

The Problem

CREOi had a single page website that was not very user friendly and had no sense of branding. Their user’s had to email them directly to get the information that they needed to submit their grants while CREOi had a to individually answer each email making their workflow terribly slow.

The Solution

I designed a well structured website which their user’s could navigate to find the information that they needed to submit their grants saving CREOi masses amount of time of work. I also incorporated the use of typography, color palettes, and strong imagery to improve CREOi’s branding with strong visual designs.

This website includes:

  • Website design
  • web responsive
  • media print
  • Jquery slideshow

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About David Thanphilom

David Thanphilom

David Thanphilom is a front-end developer and has received his Web Design Certification from Seattle Colleges. His passion drives him to be better at web development to help his employers and clients with their web problems such as generating more revenue, increasing web visibility, and promoting better usability. For information please see my Services or Contact Me for your next project needs.