Protosite | Web210 Class Project

Aug 12, 2013 |

Summer quarter is coming to an end and we are on our final week of class. Our work on the CREOi website is looking great and mostly finished. During our last week we will be finishing up any bugs that need to be fixed and preparing the hand off packet with training documentation.

Working on this project with my team members was a great experience and I look forward to working with them again in the near future. On Wednesday Aug. 14th we present our final website to the class.

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David Thanphilom

David Thanphilom is a front-end developer and has received his Web Design Certification from Seattle Colleges. His passion drives him to be better at web development to help his employers and clients with their web problems such as generating more revenue, increasing web visibility, and promoting better usability. For information please see my Services or Contact Me for your next project needs.